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Nintendo in 1985

December 15, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 128 - Nintendo in 1985


We look at that special time during 1985 when Nintendo did a holiday test market in New York City!  By being in the right place at the right time they were able to, along with market forces, revive the dead home console industry.  They  had quite a challenge with retailers, and a public that were hostile towards games.  Knowing this Nintendo worked to distance itself from the precious era with marketing that did not use the terms video game, or cartridges.  Instead this was an entertainment system.  You used Game Paks.  Not to mention the introduction of R.O.B. everyone's favorite Robotic Operating Buddy!  By the time of Christmas 1985 with a lot of hard work Nintendo was able to set the stage for a nationwide launch the following year. 


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