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The Great Video Game Crash Part 3

July 1, 2016

TCW Podcast Episode 021 - The Great Video Game Crash Part 3


We cover the severe correction of the arcade market. We also go into why the correction happened, and how it was not a crash. We also go into how this is independent from the home market crash. It went from 8.9 billion to 4 billion over a two years. We also go over some of the myths surrounding the crash, such as the E.T. dump, and discuss why Nintendo's business practices were essential to reviving the home market. Finally we discuss the likelihood of another crash in the future.


Space Invaders Arcade:


Asteroids Arcade:


Pac Man Arcade:


Chase the Chuck Wagon:


US Games - Space Jockey:


Atari Game Over Trailer:


VS Duck Hunt:


VS Hogan's Alley:


VS Baseball Nintendo:


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