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The Visions of Coleco Part 2

November 1, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 125 - The Visions of Coleco Part 2


In our second part look at Coleco we dive into the electronics and transition into programable consoles.  We see how they influenced the post crash consoles of Nintendo and Sega.  With the release of Colecovision we saw one of the most advanced consoles of the pre crash era.  The system was able to do faithful recreations of many popular arcade games.  This is most exemplified with the release Donkey Kong.  Coleco tried to transition into computers with the release of ADAM.  However this turned into a disaster for the company and marked the turning point into a rapid decline.  They were able to stay afloat for a little while with the release of Cabbage Patch Kids, however Coleco was unable to recover from the downward spiral.


TCW 025 - Mattel Electronics?:

Coleco Quarterback Commercial:
Coleco Head to Head Commercial:

Mini Tabletop Arcade:

Colecovision Retrospective:

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ADAM Computer Comercial:

Coleco Adam Review:


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