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A Holistic View of ET

December 15, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 104- A Holistic View of ET


The game that has become so shrouded in myth and legend is brought to light in this holiday episode!  We look at how E.T. was thrust upon Atari by Warner in a bid to bring Stephen Spielberg in to makes movies for Warner.  With a massive royalty overhead, a short five week production time, and a massive brain drain at Atari Howard Scott Warshaw stepped up to the challenge.  He took the ambitious task of programing E.T. for Atari, having done Raiders of the Lost Arc previously.  Despite the time crunch he decided do an adventure like game which, in combination with a lack of mentorship,  lead to some poor design choices.   Though lauded as being 'the worst game ever' E.T. is just an unfortunate game that hit Atari at an inopportune time.



Original E.T. Trailer:

Adventure 2600 Walkthrough:

Yar's Revenge:

Raiders of the lost Ark Speed Run:

ET Atari 2600: ET explained by Atari:

Simpsons "Can't Sleep Clown Will Eat Me":

TCW 044 - Founding, Syzygy to Atari:

TCW 045 - Atari, Ventures and Acquisitions:

TCW 046 - Atari, Ray Kassar, and Warner:

TCW 047 - Vestiges of Atari:

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