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Atari, Ray Kassar and Warner

July 15, 2017

 TCW Podcast Episode 046 - Atari, Ray Kassar and Warner


We continue on to part three of our four part look into Atari.  We delve into Atari under the leadership of Ray Kassar.  It becomes apparent that while Ray did make mistakes the leadup to the fall of Atari cannot be entirely placed at his feet.  We also explore the role of Warner in the direction Atari took and the difficult decision on whether to concentrate on home console or PC.  We also delve into the Arcade side of things and how, while successful, they were not without their growing problems. 


Atari Pinball:


Space Invaders Atari 2600:


Atari Arcade Battlezone:


Atari 400 and 800:


Asteroids Arcade:


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