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Founding, Syzygy to Atari

June 15, 2017

TCW Podcast Episode 044 - Founding, Syzygy to Atari


Part one of our four-part dive into Syzygy/Atari! We cover the personal histories of the founders, and how the company would not really be a company without the efforts of Nolan Bushnell.  We go into the controversy of where he learned of Spacewar.  Then off to the debut hit for Atari of PONG.  We cover the rocky road Atari had after its initial launch, and how it nearly could have just been a flash in the pan like many companies that came after. 


The Mandela Effect:

Full Nolan Interview in '73:

Computer Space:

Space Race:

Pong Doubles:


Gran Trak 10:


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