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The Great Video Game Crash Part 2

June 15, 2016

TCW Podcast Episode 020 -The Great Video Game Crash Part 2


We discuss the fates of all the major home video game producers. As they tried, and generally failed, to transition to computers as the future game systems. This turned out to be the wrong way to go. With the distraction of computers no company made a transitional console for home users.  Coleco got close to surviving the crash, but called it quits in 1985. We go over how computers are too complicated for the general public to use. You require ease of use and working out of the box for gaming to work well on the PC. We go over the numbers of the crash during 82-85, and how the market went from 2.8 billion to 100 million In value in just three years.


World of Xeen:


Mattel Aquarius Review:


Coleco Adam Review:


Colecovision Donkey Kong:


Kids and Apple II:


Coleco Adam Comercial:


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