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The Visions of Coleco Part 1

October 15, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 124 - The Visions of Coleco Part 1


We look at the Connecticut Leather Company otherwise known as Coleco!  We see how a simple company starting with leather goods transformed into a toy company that spanned multiple generations.  Coleco started exploring electronic toys with games like electric football.  They found themselves uniquely suited to take advantage of the coming Pong on a chip craze.  With their early entry allowing them to outpace the competition when the chip shortage struck.  However due to complications Coleco decided to pull out of video games after the Pong fad started to fade.


Howdy Doody:

Eagle Toys Hockey:

Coleco Electric Football:

Electric Football Mini Documentary:

TCW 051 - Sons of Pong:
Coleco Telstar Commercial:

RF Modulators:
TCW 027 - The Magnavox Patent Lawsuits:

Coleco Telstar Colormatic:
Coleco Telstar Ranger:
Coleco Telstar Galaxy:

Coleco Telstar Combat:

Coleco Telstar Arcade:

Coleco Telstar Arcade Commercial:

Coleco Telstar Marksman Commercial:


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