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Sons of Pong

October 1, 2017

TCW Podcast Episode 051 - Sons of Pong

Starting off with a discussion of the unique setting of the time leading into Pong's debut, we transition over to the various companies that created clones of Pong, and their reasons for doing so.  We discover that the company that created the most Pong-style games was not Atari, nor one of the big Chicago companies, but a company based in Florida called Allied Leisure.  We then cover the various innovations that occurred to try to keep the fad market alive as long as possible ending with a stop at Big Jeffery's Cocktail Pong Emporium.

Pong Cabinet in detail:

Computer Space Ball:

Wild Cycle:

Paddle Battle:

Pong Doubles:

Ramtek Volly:


Ramtek Wipe Out:

Clean Sweep:

Flim Flam:


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