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The Whole Video Game Industry Part 3

August 15, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 120 - The Whole Video Game Industry Part 3


This is our third part looking at the entire video game industry.  We start with looking at the European PC industry, and then transitioning into the Arcade industry.  We look at the arcades from both the United States, and Japanese standpoints.   We then see the creation of the Famicom, and its debut in the west as the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Next episode we will conclude our epic look at the whole industry!


Live Recording Part 3:


TCW 017 - The British 8-Bit Computer Market: Hardware:

TCW 028 - Picking up the Pieces: The US Arcade Industry After the Crash:

TCW 057 - Foundation of the Japanese Video Arcade Game Industry :

TCW 042 - Laser Craze:


Super Cobra:


TCW 073 - Adventuring in the Arcade:

TCW 035 - EA the Teenage Years:

TCW 063 - Lawsuits for Nintendo:

TCW 111 - Jumping to It!:

TCW 011 - The Genesis of JRPGs:


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