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EA The Teenage Years

February 1, 2017

TCW Podcast Episode 035 - EA The Teenage Years


We go over the transition of EA from a small idealistic company where programmers are rock stars; to the start of the company becoming the large enterprise it is today.  We cover Trip Hawkins later years at the helm of EA and the rising businessman Larry Probst who would later succeed him as president and CEO in the early 90's.  We go over the founding of EA Sports one of the most recognizable franchises in videogame history.


C64 one on one Dr. J VS Larry Bird:


C64 Skyfox:


Music Construction Set:


Racing Destruction Set:


Tales of the unknown Vol 1 The Bard's Tale:


Mail Order Monsters:


C64 Skate or Die:


Iron Man in Deluxe Paint (Dpaint)


Amiga Earl Weaver Baseball:


5 Version of Jordan VS Bird One on One:


PC Lakers vs Celtics NBA Playoffs:


TV Sports Football:


Apple II John Madden Football:


Sega Joe Montana Football:


Sega John Madden Football:


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