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Jumping to It!

Jumping to It!

April 1, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 111 - Jumping to It!


We leap around to the myriad of games that were influential in the development of  platformer genre.  Starting with an evolution from Space Invaders into Heiankyo Alien; the concept was thrown onto its side with Space Panic.  Further refinement brought in jumping with Donkey Kong.  Platformers were not as suited for the arcade scene, and ended up truly finding a place in the home on consoles and computers.


Load Runner:

Space Invaders:

TCW 074 - The Japanese PC Industry :

Heiankyo Alien Arcade:

Heiankyo Alien Game Boy:

Space Panic:

Donkey Kong:

Gaming Historian YouTube:

Raiders of the lost ark intro:

Pitfall Atari 2600:

Miner 2049er:

TCW 018: British 8-Bit Computer Market: Software:


Super Mario Brothers:

Russian Attack:

Mega Man:

Mega Man 2:

Prince of Persia:


Alex Kidd in Miracle World:



Donkey Kong Country:



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