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The British 8-Bit Computer Market: Software

May 15, 2016

TCW Podcast Episode 018 - The British 8-Bit Computer Market: Software


We go at the British 8-Bit computer market again; this time looking at the software side of things. We go over the initial homebrew/hacker scene, and how it eventually evolved into a publisher/distributor business. This created a unique microcosm allowing Britain to have a different and unique game industry. However it was all absorbed into the global gaming scene with the introduction of 16 bit systems and outside companies were able to move in. Today some of the legacy lives on with a few original British game developers.


Theme Hospital:


3D Monster Maze ZX81:


Miner 2049er:


Manic Miner: ZX Spectrum:


Jet Set Willy:


Knight Lore:




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