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The Japanese PC Industry

September 15, 2018

TCW Podcast Episode 074 - The Japanese PC Industry

We cover the Japanese PC industry from the initial pioneers up to the mid 1980's.  The early innovators on the PC, while never having many international successes, laid the groundwork for games that would later be seen on the Famicom, and other platforms.  It is further interesting to note the people who got their start in the video game industry through computer clubs in college, and by programing at department stores.  With the computer industry coming from two sides, hobbyist and professional, they merged together to create an interesting take that in some ways mirrored aspects of the British, and American computer scenes.

Heiankyo Alien Arcade:

Heiankyo Alien Game Boy:

Evolution of various snake games:

Space Panic Arcade:

Lupin the III Arcade (1980):

Exoa PC:

Xevious Arcade:

Grobda Arcade:



Xanadu PC-88:


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