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Adventuring in the Arcade

Adventuring in the Arcade

September 1, 2018

TCW Podcast Episode 073 - Adventuring in the Arcade


We look at the British PC Software market, specifically the Arcade Adventure genre.  With the popularity of the ZX Spectrum as a home computer, and its hardware limitations lent itself to the development of the Arcade Adventure.  With multiple influences the Arcade Adventure enjoyed side scrolling, top down, and isometric gameplay.  We also see the start of the career of Tim and Chris Stamper with Sabre Wulf, Knight Lore, and Alien 8.  We end looking at the panicle games of the genre with Dizzy, and Head over Heels.  Unfortunately as technology advanced the slower paced Arcade Adventure gave way to more action packed gamed allowed by newer systems.


TCW 018: The British 8-bit Computer Market: Software:

Miner 2049er C64:

Manic Miner ZX Spectrum:

Jet Set Willy ZX Spectrum:

Knight Lore with Commentary ZX Spectrum:

Atic Atac with Commentary ZX Spectrum:

Sabre Wulf ZX Spectrum:

Alien 8 ZX Spectrum:

Automania ZX Spectrum:

Pajamarama ZX Spectrum:

Dizzy ZX Spectrum:

Treasure Island Dizzy ZX Spectrum:

Batman (1986) ZX Spectrum:

Head over Heels ZX Spectrum:


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