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Laser Craze

May 15, 2017

TCW Podcast Episode 042 - Laser Craze


We cover the brief, yearlong, craze that was the laserdisc.  We go into great detail on Dragon's Lair the game that really kicked it off in the United States.  Though many other companies tried to take advantage of the medium, unfortunately it was unable to sustain itself.  There were a few games that did as well, if not better than Dragon's Lair, they all ended up being part of what was just a brief fad in the downward trend of the arcade scene.


Quarter Horse:

Astron Belt:

Dragon's Lair Promotion:

Dragon's Lair Playthrough:

Dragon's Lair NES:

Dragon's Lair Coleco Adam:

The Making of Dragon's Lair:

Cliff Hanger Operator Promotion:

M.A.C.H. 3:

Star Rider:

Bega's Battle:

Cobra Command:



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