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The Atari Games You Are Looking For

June 15, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 116 - The Atari Games You Are Looking For


In this episode we continue our tradition of looking at Atari!  This time a deep look at Atari Games.  We look at the company starting with it's acquisition by Namco.  We look at its progression through the 80's and 90's with many notable games.  Unfortunately during the Siliwood era Atari was reacquired by Time Warner.  After limited success the remnants of the company were sold off to Williams' where the name of Atari was given up in a legal dispute with Hasbro. 


TCW 029 - 50 Years of Namco:

TCW 032 - The History of the Atari Brand:

TCW 029 - Picking up the Pieces: The US Arcade Industry After the Crash

Marble Madness - Atari 1984:

Star Wars Arcade Atari:

Star Wars Arcade Cabinet:

Firefox Atari:

Atari Temple of Doom:

Atari Road Runner:

Atari Empire Strikes Back:

Paperboy Arcade Atari:

Gauntlet Atari Overview:


Maze War:

Atari Super Sprint:

Poll Position:

Spy Hunter:

Road Blaster:

Hard Driven' :

720 degrees:


Nintendo Pac-Man:

Nintendo Gauntlet:

TCW  062 - Lawsuits for Everyone!:



Pit Fighter:

Primal Rage:

Area 51 Arcade:

TCW 075 - Gunning For Light:

TCW 059 - Williams’ Crazy Story Pt 1:

TVW 060 - Williams’ Crazy Story Pt 2:


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