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Gunning For Light

October 1, 2018

TCW Podcast Episode 075 - Gunning for Light


We look at how shooting peripherals entered the gaming scene.  We start with their introduction in arcades, and move all the way up to today.  We see the technology change, and how different applications were applied to get interesting effects.  With the height of light guns in the 80's and 90's, and their decline in the 2000's, light guns are only seen in the few remaining arcade and fun centers still in operation.  In the home they really say their popularity in the 8-bit and to a lesser extent the 16-bit era. 


ABT Target Skill Model F:

Shoot the Bear:

Coon Hunt:

Keeney Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Restore:

Keeney Air Raider:

Whoopi Goldberg on racial/ethnic stereotypes in old cartoons:

Dale model Gun Cabinet:

Magnavox Odyssey Light Gun:

Sega Balloon gun Cabinet Picture:

Qwak Pictures:

Very brief shot of Qwak in Dawn of the Dead:

How Light Pens and NES Zapper Worked:



Operation Wolf Arcade cabinet tour and gameplay:

Operation Wolf Generic Gun:

Lethal Enforcers:

Virtua Cop:

Terminator 2 Judgement Day:

Silent Scope:

Area 51:

House of the Dead:

Time Crisis:


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