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Lawsuits for Everyone!

March 15, 2018

TCW Podcast Episode 062 - Lawsuits for Everyone!

Thanks @MyMac for suggesting this topic!  We delve into some of the landmark court cases that helped shape the video game industry.  Specifically we looked at the sphere of copyright law.  Starting with looking at what constitutes an infringement.  How similar can two works be, and where is the line if you modify the game.  We wrap up looking at the Game Genie, and how they managed to stay in business because they did not make permeant changes to the games that were modified. 


Article linked by @MyMac:

Defense Command:


KC Munchkin:


Lady Bug Arcade:

Mouse Trap:

Super Mario Bro Movie Trailer:

Zelda Cartoon Excuse me Princess:

Super Missile Command:

Game Genie Explained:


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