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Revisions and Updates 2

September 1, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 097 - Revisions and Updates 2


The podcast is four years old!  We celebrate by looking back at past episodes, and revising subjects that Alex has found new information on!  There is, of course, more and new information in regards to Atari.  We also do some speculation into the origin of Scramble, some commentary on what has been going on at Blizzard Entertainment, and some new information in relation to the origins of Galaxian.  We make a note of the earliest known commercial ester egg, some new information on the first Japanese original game creation for the arcade, and wrap up with some more book updates.  We look forward to the countdown to episode 100!


TCW 43 - Personal Gaming Histories:

Dragon Warrior Commercial:

Dragon Quest I Android:

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Trailer:

TCW 44 Founding, Syzygy to Atari:

TCW 45 Atari, Ventures and Acquisitions:

TCW 46 Atari, Ray Kassar and Warner:

TCW 47 Vestiges of Atari:

TCW 52 The many Faces of Konami:

Astro Fighter Gameplay:

Astro Fighter Cabinet:

Scramble Gameplay:

Defender Arcade Gameplay:

TCW 54 Blizzard Vikings and WarCraft:

TCW 55 Blizzard: Hellfire and The World… Of WarCraft:

TCW 57 Foundation of the Japanese Video Arcade Game Industry:

Galaxian :

Space Invaders Cabinet:

Admiral Yamamoto and the Allied Fleets:

TCW 076 A Fairchild Story:

Spitfire Gameplay:

Spitfire Easter Egg Video (No Sound):

Spitfire Easter Egg Video (Sound):

TCW 77 Invading Taito Part 1:

TCW 78 Invading Taito Part 2:

TCW 92 Citing Apologies:


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