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Blizzard: Hellfire and The World… Of WarCraft

December 1, 2017

TCW Podcast Episode 055 - Blizzard: Hellfire and The World… of WarCraft 

Part two of our look into Blizzard Entertainment.  We start in the late 90's with the finishing of Diablo, and the development of StarCraft.  We see the evolution and cross influences of the Blizzard cinematics department on the course of Diablo.  This is also the same time we learn of how Blizzard is not afraid to kill an essentially finished game if it is not up to their standards, Lord of the Clans, and StarCraft: Ghost being the more famous examples of this.  We see how Blizzard employees' love for games influences where they take projects.  The influence of the game Sacrifice on WarCraft III, Quake on Overwatch, and EverQuest with World of WarCraft.  On the business side of things we see how Blizzard is not fully immune from the influences of the parent company that controls them at the time.  Conversely, we see how Blizzard's success, specifically with WoW, managed to reshape the entire game industry before finishing with the creation of Activision-Blizzard.  We will see how their decisions involving modern game trends may affect things in the future!


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