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The 100,000 Part 1

April 15, 2022

TCW Podcast Episode 160 - The 100,000 Part 1


We want to thank everyone for helping us to reach 100,000 downloads of the podcast!  We started in September 2015 and are amazed at the love & support we have received.  To celebrate, we are looking at the list of the SPA's highest sellers of computer software in the 1980s.   We start off in part one looking at the three 500k sellers and then move on to the 250k sellers.  We get a view of the computer software market during this time, and have a little fun too!


Kent Brockman Welcoming out Insect Overlords:

TCW 028 - Picking up the Pieces: The US Arcade Industry After the Crash:

TCW 041 - Beating Them All Up:

The Print Shop:

TCW 071 -A Story of Brøderbund!:

TCW 061 - Where in the Game is Carmen Sandiego?:

TCW 094 - Epyx not Epic:

TCW 058 - EA Sports: It's in the Game!:

C64 Jingle Disk:

CGA Jingle Disk:

TCW 006 - The Early History of Electronic Arts:

TCW 101 - Infocom:

Why Where in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego:


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