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EA Sports: It’s in the Game!

January 15, 2018

TCW Podcast Episode 058 - EA Sports: It's in the Game!

We revisit EA with a deep dive into EA Sports.  Some information that was in our EA: The Teenage Years episode, but with more detail!  We start off with some of the early ventures into sports, and how EA evolved into the sports juggernaut it is today.  We cover the origins of the EA sports brand, how hats were a deciding factor in getting the name to be accepted by other developers, and how a trademark dispute with ESPN led to the mass market appeal of Madden Football.  We also cover the origin of EA Sports hockey, and FIFA.  Finally wrapping up with how the current head of EA being from the sports division is taking those concepts and trying to apply them to the rest of the industry. 

C64 one on one Dr. J VS Larry Bird:

John Madden Miller Lite Commercial:

John Madden Football Apple II:

Gridiron Bethesda Softworks (Atari ST):

Amiga Earl Weaver Baseball:

Space Jam Website:

5 Version of Jordan VS Bird One on One:

PC Lakers vs Celtics NBA Playoffs:

TV Sports Football:

Sega Joe Montana Football:

Sega John Madden Football:

PGA Tour Golf (PC):

Madden '92 Ambulance Montage:

Genesis NHL Hockey:

NHLPA '93:

NHL '94:

FIFA Soccer Genesis:


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