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Beating Them All Up

May 1, 2017

TCW Podcast Episode 41 - Beating Them All Up


We delve into beat 'em ups, and fighters.  We cover why they did not take hold until computer technology progressed far enough to allow for human analogs to be animated well.  We go into the beat 'em up craze, and then the transition to fighting games that occurred with the release of Street Fighter II.  We touch on the fall of fighting games from the mainstream with Tekken and Soul Calibur.  The scene is still out there, and has a dedicated following.  However fighters are not the system sellers they once were.



Jungle Hunt:

Apple II Karateka:

Spartan X:

Karate Champ:


Double Dragon:

Yie Ar Kung Fu:

Street Fighter:

 Final Fight:

Fatal Fury:

Street Fighter II World Warrior:

An Oral History of Street Fighter II:


Mortal Kombat:

Virtual Fighter:


Soul Edge:

Soul Calibur Arcade VS Dreamcast:


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