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Madden for some Football

February 15, 2022

TCW Podcast Episode 156 - Madden for Some Football


We cover the man, the myth, the legend of football John Madden! He is famous for taking the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl win and a long career as a sports analyst and commentator. Madden is perhaps best known for the yearly football video game property. In this episode, we look deep at the inception of the game series, how John Madden became involved, and see how the series was almost a one-release failure. There is a quiz about three takeaways from this episode!


TCW 035 - EA The Teenage Years:

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Atari Football Arcade:

George Carlin on Football (Explicit Language):

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Super Bowl XI (Entire Game):

John Madden - A Football Life (Documentary):

NES 10 Yard Fight:

4th and Inches C64:

Gridiron Amiga:

John Madden Football Apple II:

TV Sports Football:

ABC Monday Night Football SNES:

John Madden Football Sega Genesis:

John Madden Football II PC:

John Madden Football '92:


Take Away Quiz


  1. What common story about John Madden Football is not true or entirely true?
  2. When did John Madden Football for the Apple II come out?
  3. How did John Madden for the Sega Genesis come to be?


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Quiz Answers


  1. EA changed the football game to 11 on 11 after bringing it to John Madden and he said he would not put his name on a game that was not 11 on 11 real football. The original contract for the game called for 11 on 11 from the start!
  2. 1989!
  3. It was a completely separate project that was forced to take on the John Madden name!

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