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Final Fantasy’s Tale

March 1, 2022

TCW Podcast Episode 157- Final Fantasy's Tale


We look at a game franchise that spans fifteen titles and is still growing strong! Final Fantasy has a deep history with many influences and creative talent coming together to create a game of somber mystery and wonder. Final Fantasy had themes drawn from Conan the Barbarian, Elric of Melniboné,  rock music, and the art of Toshitaka Amano. With the help of the programming talents of Nasir Gebelli, the game was able to do things that even Dragon Quest, released a year earlier, was unable to accomplish. The game was released with four hundred thousand copies in Japan and met with modest success leading to the development of further titles. Listen and discover the history and wonder of Final Fantasy!


Ultraman EP1:

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Why you Should Read Conan:
Thundar the Barbarian:

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The 3-D Battles of World Runner:

Rad Racer:

Dragon Quest Famicom and Dragon Warrior NES:

Final Fantasy 1 Magic:

Final Fantasy 1 Concept Art:

Dragon Quest IV Balloon Music:

Final Fantasy 1 Airship Music:

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Dragon Quest 1 Castle Music:

Final Fantasy 1 Intro, Garland, and Bridge:


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