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The MYSTeries of Brøderbund!

August 15, 2018

TCW Podcast Episode 072 - The MYSTeries of Brøderbund!


We cover the later years of Brøderbund looking at their "evergreen" products.  Print Shop being the first one to really put them on the map.  We then look at the series of successes, and challenges that the company faced throughout the 80's and 90's.  We then see how the meteoric success of MYST ultimately dead to the downfall of Brøderbund in 1998.  Still Brøderbund was a fascinating company which was willing to take risks on some of the influential games, and software that built the PC industry we know today.


Bank Street Writer:

Apple ][ E Print Shop:

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Dawn of Desktop Publishing:

Sim City Retrospective:

Living Books "Just Grandma and Me":

PC DOS Prince of Persia:


The Manhole 30th aniversary with Robyn Miller:

Cosmic Osmo:

A Brief History of Myst:

Myst VS RealMYST:

Gone Home Trailer:

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