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Computer Space

March 15, 2022

TCW Podcast Episode 158 - Computer Space


Computer space is a game steeped in mystery and myth.  The game is a reimagining of Space War.  Developed through a partnership between Nutting Associates and Syzygy, Computer Space went on to have modest success.  The game is viewed as having little to no impact.  In this episode, we explore how Computer Space had much more influence.  The game had a lot of tangible impact with the expansion of Aladdin's Castle.  Computer Space also had a great run in Ithaca, NY.  Furthermore, it had the first radio advertisement for an arcade video game!


TCW 022 - The Galaxy Game:


TCW 044 - Founding, Syzygy to Atari:

The History of How We Play:

TCW 084 - Time Shared:

TCW 034 - The Nutting Associates:

Computer Space Cabinet:

Video of Computer Space:

Computer Space Gameplay:


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