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February 15, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 084 - Time Shared


We lay the groundwork of computer development that led to some of the earliest influential games that would shape the industry.  We cover how computers were one-program-at-a-time systems, and it was only through experimentation that were computers developed that could handle multiple inputs at once.  We see how Sputnik scared the USA into spending a lot more in the sciences in order to keep up with Russian space development, which benefited computer-based education initiatives.  We finish up looking at the proliferation of computers with remote terminals in universities, high schools, and some grade schools.   That combined with the high level programing language BASIC set the stage for development, and spread of games!


Castlevania 2 Runner Pays 400/month for Internet:

The SAGE Systen:

IRQ, DMA, and Address Ports:

How Computers Work Overview playlist:

Crash Course Computer Science playlist:

The Story of Sputnik:

"The Fun They Had" by Isaac Asimov:

1963 MIT Timesharing:

Machine Code and High Level Languages:

Birth of BASIC:

Hello Computer reference:


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