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Wing Commander

July 1, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 117 - Wing Commander


We look at one of the great space flight simulators of the 90's!  Wing Commander is largely attributed to Chris Roberts. However we find out in this episode the many other people who were instrumental in not just the story, but gameplay of Wing Commander.  We can see the true potential of the Siliwood era with the live action cut scenes used in both Wing Commander III and IV.    We of course look at the inspirations for Wing Commander, and take a look at the history of the people involved!  Grab your flight suit, and strap yourself in commander!


TCW 017 - The British 8-Bit Computer Market: Hardware:

TCW 018 - The British 8-Bit Computer Market: Software:


Stryker's Run:

TCW 038 - Origin Story:

Times of Lore:

Bad Blood:

Space Rogue:

Battlehawks 1942:

F-19 Stealth Fighter:

Wing commander launch cutscene:

Wing Commander 1 Campaign with Commentary:

Wing Commander 2:

TCW 082 - An Unlikely Pairing of Siliwood:

Wing Commander 3:

Wing Commander 4:


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