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The Wizards of Sir-Tech

May 15, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 114 - The Wizards of Sir-Tech


We look at the company Sir-Tech.  Known as "the Wizardry company", and founded by Norman Sirotek and Robert Woodhead.  The company was originally founded to market Info Tree, a database program.  The shift was made into video games starting with the release of Galactic Attack.  With the heavy influences of the games on the PLATO system.  Andrew Greenberg and Woodhead would meet, and would start collaboration on what would eventually be Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.  One of the best produced games at the time, it was a major hit on the Apple II platform.  Sustainability for the franchise was hamstrung with lack of innovation, and the requirement of the first game to play Wizardry II and III.  This culminated with the major disaster that was the release of Wizardry IV.  


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