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The Famicom Disc System

April 1, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 135 - The Famicom Disc System


In our second part look at the Family Computer we start off with the launch in Japan.  We see all the early games, and the slow start the system had.  However it rapidly gained steam and gained widespread adoption.  Nintendo faced one of their first challenges which was the overheating of the graphic chip.  Nintendo did a recall and revised the system in the process.  Switching to removeable controllers, and round buttons to address other issues early adopters have reported.  The system really took off with the release of the Famicom Disc System, and the Legend of Zelda.  Despite wide adoption the lower margins for retailers and developers lead to the downfall of the peripheral.  Cartridge developments soon allowed games to exceed 30KB, and growing in size with 1MB and larger.  Though the system was popular in the west, and the larger cartridges helped speed its adoption there, the disc system was the height of the system in Japan. 


Famicom Donkey Kong:

Famicom Donkey Kong Jr:

Famicom Popeye:

Famicom Mario Brothers:

TCW 037 - Nintendo and Gumpei Yokoi:

Early Famicom Commercials:

Famicom Donkey Kong Jr. Math:

Famicom Mahjong:

Famicom Baseball:

Famicom Tennis:

Famicom Golf:

Famicom Devil World:

TCW 074 - The Japanese PC Industry:

Famicom BASIC:

Famicom Galaxian:

Famicom Round VS Square edition:

Famicom Lode Runner:

TCW 029 - 50 Years of Namco:

Famicom Xevious:

Cloud and Bushes in Super Mario Brothers:

NES Kung Fu:

Ninja Kid:

Ninja Hattori-kin:

Family Stadium '87:

Gaming Historian Famicom Disc System:

Famicom Disc System The Legend of Zelda:

Famicom Ghost and Goblins:

Famicom Ganbare Goemon!:

Castlevania III NES VS Famicom Sound Comparison:

TCW 011 - The Genesis of JRPGs:

Famicom Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Jima IV:


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