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Sir Clive of ZX

February 1, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 131 - Sir Clive of ZX


In our second part looking at Sir Clive Sinclair we pick up the story where we left off!  We follow Sir Clive Sinclair as he reluctantly develops computers for the British market to fund his other project's.  The wild popularity of the ZX line including the ZX 80, ZX 81, and ZX Spectrum led to a booming home computer market in Brittan. Sinclair even tried to go into the business market with the Sinclair QL, but was outshone by competitors.  In the end Sir Clive Sinclair lost a fortune in developing an electric car known as the Sinclair C5.  The massive loss of funds led him to sell off the computer business to Lord Sugar to remain solvent. 


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