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Primordial Computer Game Industry

May 1, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 113 - Primordial Computer Game Industry


A big episode looking at two major companies that bridged the gap between the mainframe time sharing age, and the trinity of home computers.  We also look at the lead up to those companies with type in listings in books, and magazines.  We look at the evolution of early PCs, and the eventual development of video display cards designed to hook up computers to television sets.  An almost forgotten era of PC development, pioneering magazines, and games that would have influence on the home PC market yet to come.



Guest Appearances

The 42 Cast:

Pixelated Audio:


A Critical Hit! - Kate Willaert:

Popular Electronics Jan 1975 ALTAIR 8800:

TCW 016 - Early Computer Game Platforms: The Trinity, and The Disciples:

TCW 084 - Time Shared:

Popular Electronics Jul 1976 Sol 20:

Scelbi's First Book of Computer Games for the "8008"/"8080":

Scelbi's Galaxy Game for the "8008"/:8080":

Cromemco Video Dazzler: Kaleidoscope:

Byte Magazine Dazzler Write-up:


The KIM-1 Microcomputer History and Basic Features:

The KIM-1 Microcomputer Serial and Cassette I/O:

BYTE Magazine Archive:

Creative Computing Archive:

Saucer War:

Digital Derby:

Advanced Dragon Maze:

How "Old School" Graphics Worked:

Rocket Pilot:

Saucer Invasion:

Star Wars:

Space Maze:

Laser Turret:


3D Docking Mission:


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