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Ocean Software

April 15, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 136 - Ocean Software


We look at the company Ocean Software.  The company was founded by David Ward and Jon Woods as Spectrum Games, and was later renamed to Ocean Software.  The company specialized in a mail order business harnessing the best of the bedroom coder scene in Brittan to produce ports of popular arcade titles.  In fact the initial offering of the company were clones of Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Frogger, and Missile Command.  The company continued to grow as Ocean Software expanding into licensed games including popular properties such as Platoon, Robocop, and Jurassic Park.  However the company was unable to compete with larger companies on the global stage.  This lead to their purchase by Infrogrames during that company's rapid expansion.  However after a few years of semi-autonomy Ocean Software ceased to be in the late 90's. 


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