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Nintendo Playing With Toys

February 1, 2022

TCW Podcast Episode 155 Nintendo Playing With Toys


In our final look at Nintendo in the early years, we see the transition into toys and electronic games.  Nintendo brought over some popular western games such as Twister in partnership with Milton Bradly.  The legendary engineer Gunpei Yokoi invented some of Nintendo's first toys.  These toys included; the Ultra Hand, the Ultra Machine, and the Ultra Scope.  Nintendo progressed further into electronic entertainment by focusing on light gun technology with photovoltaic cells.  The home light gun games were a hit.  Nintendo decided to develop a larger version to be used in bowling alleys.  However, the oil embargo of the 1970s caused such economic turmoil that most orders were canceled.  It is at this point that Nintendo refactored the technology for use in the traditional coin-op space.


TCW 037 - Nintendo and Gunpei Yokoi:

Nintendo Rabbit Coaster Game:

Time Bomb Commercial 1964:

Twister 50 Years:

How Johnny Carson Saved Twister:

Before Mario Nintendo Ultra Hand:

Before Mario Nintendo Ultra Machine:

Nintendo Ultra Machine TV Commercial:

Before Mario Nintendo Blocks:

Nintendo N&B Block Ringer Commercial:

Before Mario Nintendo Cotton Candy Machine:
Before Mario Nintendo Photocopier:
Before Mario Ultra Scope:
Nintendo Automatic Ultra Scope:

Ultra Man:

Nintendo Love Tester:

Distilled Water VS Tap Water:

How Solar/Photovoltaic Cells Work:

Before Mario Kôsenjû SP:

Before Mario Electro Safari and Bird Targets:

Nintendo Roulette Commercial:

Before Mario Nintendo Jumping Bottle:

Before Mario Duck Hunt:

Before Mario Types of Guns and Riffles:

Kôsenjû Custom Lever Action Rifle:

Pictures of the Laser Clay Shooting System:

TCW 067 - The Birth of the Japanese Consoles:


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