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The Birth of the Japanese Consoles

June 1, 2018

TCW Podcast Episode 067 - The Birth of Japanese Consoles

We cover the start of Japanese home consoles beginning with the early dedicated systems and working up to the development of the Famicom and the Sega SC-3000.  Japan differed from the US in that companies had the opportunity to sell consoles that bridged the gap from dedicated consoles to programable consoles with LSI-cartridge-based consoles. Epoch was the only company that stuck with home consoles during this era.  Always remember the Famicom is not the first Nintendo console!


Before Mario Blog:

Bandai TV Jack 1000:

Nintendo Color TV 15:

Nintendo Color TV Racing 112:

Epoch TV Baseball:

Epoch TV Block:

Atari Video Pinball:

Epoch TV Cassetevision:

Epoch TV Vader Console Overview:

Epoch TV Vader Gameplay:

Epoch Cassetevision Galaxian:


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