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The Whole Video Game Industry Part 1

July 15, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 118 - The Whole Video Game Industry Part 1


This is part one of our four part series looking at the entire video game industry at a very macro level.  We look at the start of computers all the way through to the early video arcades and beyond!  We see the evolution of games on PC, the arcade, and the initial forays into the home.  We even see a hybrid of sorts with games like Seawolf combining electro-mechanical and video elements.  We did a live recording of four episodes, including this one, on June 28th, 2020.  Archival video of that is available on our YouTube channel!


YouTube Livestream Video:

Ahoy "The First Video Game":

Ethan's Response:

TCW 089 - The Dawn of Computers and Gaming:

TCW 081 - The Meeting of Spacewar:

TCW 007 - History of the Arcade:

TCW 034 - The Nutting Associates:

Seawolf MAME:

Seawolf Cabinet:


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