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The Many Faces of Konami

October 15, 2017

TCW Podcast Episode 052 - The Many Faces of Konami

We go over the whole history of Konami at the macro level.  The origin, founding, and the initial setup that continues to influence the company to the present day.  Though much of the history is shrouded behind a language barrier, or simply lost, there is still plenty of information out there.  We cover the hits they had in the video game arena, and show how they are in the middle of another transition to mobile.

Konami Logo:



Why VHS beat Betamax:

Frogger Cabinet Overview:

Track and Field:


Metal Gear NES VS MSX:

The Goonies NES:

The Goonies 2 NES:

Top Gun NES:

Original Comic TMNT Overview:


Simpsons Arcade:

DDR Modern Japan Documentary:


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