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The History and Merger of Enix and Square

November 1, 2017

TCW Podcast Episode 053 - The History and Merger of Enix and Square

We cover the individual histories of the companies Enix and Square.  Everything from early projects to influences that helped shape them into the companies they would become.  We delve into the dream teams for each company that created their seminal hits, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.  We cover how they each had problems getting market penetration in the West until Square was able to with the release of Final Fantasy VII.  We cover the massive financial disaster that was Final Fantasy The Spirits Within and how it led to Square being acquired by Enix. 


The Portopia Serial Murder Case: 

Dragon Quest/Warrior Random Facts:

Final Fantasy VII Intro: 

Final Fantasy IV (II US) Intro: 

Final Fantasy VI (III US) Intro:

Cruise Chaser Blassty:

3D World Runner NES: https://

Rad Racer NES:

Final Fantasy:

Dragon Warrior Commercial:

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest:

7th Saga:

Secret of Evermore:

Final Fantasy The Spirits Within:


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