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Gottlieb Part 1

November 1, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 149 - Gottlieb Part 1


We look at the company Gottlieb which was a major coin-op company founding during the roaring twenties, and rising to prominence in the great depression, and post war era.  The company is most well known for pinball, and the many contributions to making it more than a gabling device.  We follow the rise of the company up until the 1950s.  Though not quite at the video game era yet, the background of the company does help dictate and shape how Gottlieb made its mark in video game history.


Punch Board Price is Right:

Gottlieb Grip Tester:

Majestic Moving Target:

Bingo Pamphlets:

Google Gottlieb Bingo Images:

Baffle Ball Pinball:

Five Star Final:

Humpty Dumpty:

Just 21:


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