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A Casual World Part 2

October 1, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 123 - A Casual World Part 2


In our continued exploration of casual games we see the rise of match three in popularizing the genre.  Exemplified by games such as Klax, Columns, Bejewed, and Candy Crush.  The continued development and migration to the web further fueled the popularization of casual games.  Reaching the apex today with the help of casual games on Facebook.  That apex exemplified with the company PopCap Games.  Enjoy the casual world of games!


The Tetris God:


Lucy and the Chocolate Factory:


Acccustic coupler:

TCW 039 - On-Line Systems:

TCW 040 - Sierra On-Line:

Space Jam Website:

Castle Crashers:

Bejeweled :

Evolution of Farmville:

Candy Crush Saga:


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