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Virtual History

Virtual History

April 1, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 087 - Virtual History


And now we discuss at the technology that has been just a few months away from revolutionizing video games for the past thirty years, virtual reality. While a hot topic again due to the emergence of the Occulus Rift and the PS4 VR, virtual reality has been a Holy Grail of computer graphics research since the early 1960s. We examine the origins of VR at the University of Utah and its refinement at Atari and VPL Labs before looking at several attempts to bring VR into the mainstream in the early 1990s. We end with a quick look at the state of VR today.


Master Collector of View Master:

Morton Heilig's Sensorama (Interview):

Legend of the Sword of Damocles:

Sword of Damocles Headset Video:

Sword of Damocles Headset With Explanation:

Lecture from 1996 on Sword of Damocles Headset:

TCW 046 Atari, Ray Kassar, and Warner:

Moon Dust Commodore 64:

Scientific American Interview Jaron Lanier:

AVGN Zelda II Power Glove:

The Wizard - Power Glove:

The Untold Story Of VR On The Sega Genesis:

Sega VR at CES:

Dactyl Nightmare Gameplay and Unit:

Oculus Rift Polygon Nightmare:

Discovery Channel Battletech Center:

Polygon Disney Quest VR Article:

Zone Hunter Promo:

Buggy Ball VR on a game show:

John Carmack Interview on Oculus Rift:

Tetris Effect Launch Trailer:

Real Bomb Squad plays Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes:


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