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Vector Lights

December 15, 2018

TCW Podcast Episode 080 - Vector Lights


We look at the arcade industry and the circumstances that led to the use of vector monitors in arcade games.  While not as well remembered today, and with fewer systems still around, vector played an important role in the development of video games.  Vector provided the detail and capabilities that were not yet available in traditional raster-based systems.  However in due time Raster met, and then exceeded, the capabilities of vector systems, and with the lower cost of maintenance for raster vector has faded into history.


Slow Motion TV Drawing:

CGA Graphics:

Larry Rosenthal from 2014 at California Extreme:

Space Wars:


Omega Race:

Atari Lunar Lander:

Atari Asteroids:

Atari Red Barron:

Atari Battle Zone:

Cinematronics Tailgunner:

Gremlin Space Fury:

Atari Tempest:

Atari Star Wars:

Jed Margolin The Secret Life of Vector Generators:

Major Havoc:


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