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Uncle Clive’s Radionics

January 15, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 130 - Uncle Clive's Radionics


We look at Sir Clive Sinclair in his early years dealing with creation of electronics for hobbyists.  Sir Clive held a passion for miniaturization and doing so at a low cost.  This started with audio equipment, amplifiers, high fidelity stereo, and FM radios.  This continued into calculators, and digital watches.  Sir Clive wanted to look into miniature TVs, and procured funding through the NEB.  In an act of prescience he founded a second company that eventually became Sinclair Research to serve as a life boat if things went bad with the NEB.  Sinclair Research, then known as the Science of Cambridge, produced the first domestic computer in the United Kingdom the MK 14!  Sir Clive eventually left Sinclair Radionics after the disasterous launch of the Black Watch.  A watch that when shocked had the potential to overload, and explode. 


What is High Fidelity:

Sinclair Black Watch Commercial:

Cambridge MK14 Computer:

Sinclair Mini TV:

Goldeneye on a Sinclair TV80:


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