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The Crash That Almost Was

January 1, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 129 - The Crash That Almost Was


We look at the crash that almost was.  Most people do not realize that in the mid nineties we came very close to another video game market crash.  A difficult transition was at hand as companies tried to figure out how and if they embrace the third dimension in video games.  Coupled with a declining arcade market.  New hardware costing twice as much, if not more than current systems many companies were on the edge.  The market forces between Japan and the US with currency exchanges ate into profit margins.  It lead to the deaths or decline of a few prominent companies.  Most notably SEGA, and Acclaim.  However because not just one major company was baring this the industry survived and continues to move forward to the present day!



Super Castlevania IV:

Super C:

Contra III The Alien Wars:

Super Mario Brothers:

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Final Fight:

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Castlevania X:


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