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The 100 Most Influential Games Part 3

October 15, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 100 - The 100 Most Influential Games Part 3


And at long last, TCW Episode 100!  To celebrate our 100th episode, we finish our countdown of the 100 most influential video games of all time.  This time, we look at only 20 games, but these are the games we have deemed the absolutely most essential for shaping the video game industry as it exists today.  We present these final twenty games in chronological order by original release date.  Now that we have made all our picks, what do you think?  Let us know on Twitter!





Colossal Cave Adventure:

Space Invaders:

MUD (Core MUD):

Donkey Kong:

Super Mario Bros.:


Dragon Quest:



John Madden Football:


Ultima Underworld:

Alone in the Dark:



Super Mario 64:

Ocarina of Time:

Grand Theft Auto 3:


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