They Create Worlds

Storytime with a Book

February 1, 2020

TCW Podcast Episode 107 - Storytime with a Book


We read from chapter 18 of "They Create Worlds: The People and Companies that Shaped the Video Game Industry Vol. 1," which discusses the impact of Breakout on Japan.  There are some tangents, other story times, and we bring a lot of things discussed over the years into a more complete perspective.  We also learn about the mysteries of magnets.


Steve Wozniak's Blue Box:

Breakout & Super Breakout:

TCW 029 - 50 Years of Namco:

TCW 005 - The Untold History of Sega:

TCW 033 - The Saga of Sega:

Sega The Fonz:

Degaussing a CRT:


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