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Sega VS Nintendo Round 3

July 15, 2018

TCW Podcast Episode 070 - Sega VS Nintendo Round 3

The fight heats up with the 16 bit era in the United States.  Sega being first to market was able to take control, and dominate the market for a few years.  However this short lived victory was bought at a price.  With the low margins on consoles Sega was unable to sustain the growth once things started to change in Europe.  Nintendo meanwhile was always able to turn a tidy profit even without a controlling market share.  Nintendo's control of the handheld market, Japan, and the 8-bit consoles allowed them to have the financial reserve to weather the Sonly PlayStation entering the market.  We go over some of the misconceptions regarding Sega of America and Sega of Japan, and show how even Nintendo was swayed by the marketing done by Sega.

Genesis Does what Nintendon't Commercial:

Altered Beast:

Master System Golden Axe:

Genesis Golden Axe:

Master System Sonic:

Genesis Sonic:

Welcome to the Next Level Commercial:

Genesis Commercials from 1991-1993:

Play it Loud Nintendo:


Donkey Kong Country:


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