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Rolling Dice with the Parker Brother’s

March 1, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 133 - Rolling Dice with the Parker Brother's


We look at the history of the company Parker Brothers.  Originally a board game company founded in the 1880's we follow the company's growth though the century.  This family owned business was eventually bought by General Mills in 1963, and was brought into the ever expanding non-food properties of the conglomerate.  Starting off with electronic games in the 70's, Parker Brothers would eventually enter the video game Industry near the beginning of the Great Video Game Crash.  They were somewhat successful despite difficulties.  However even they were not able to survive the crash, and were eventually divested by General Mills.   They ultimately ended up in the hands of Hasbro where they are today.


Codename Sector Commercial:

Codename Sector Explanation:

Merlin Commercial:

Parker Brother's Merlin:

The Virtual Wizard (Play Merlin On-Line):

Plastic Galaxy The Story of the Star Wars Toys:

Parker Brother Frogger and The Empire Strikes Back Commercials:

Empire Strikes Back Atari Explained:

Frogger Commercial:

Q'bert Commercial:


Popeye commercial:

Popeye Atari 2600:

Parker Brothers Commercials:

Tutenkham Commercial:

Spider-Man Commercial:

G.I. Joe Commercial:

G.I. Joe Cobra Strike Explained:


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